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Greenspayoga is a small organic spa with a big heart for mother nature. Offering an array of yoga classes as well. 


We believe in a holistic approach to better one’s overall health and wellness. Whether it may be through attending a yoga class, receiving a spa treatments or purchasing one of our organic products. All services offered has one goal in mind, and that is to improve body, mind and soul without doing no harm to the environment.


Our Ethos Stands for:


-Movement is medicine

-Keep it pure and simple

-Keep it natural and organic

-Beauty without cruelty

-No animal by products

-Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

-Sustainable products only

-Support Local

-Fair Trade and

-Animal welfare 

All Treatments and Classes are handled by Qualified Yoga Instructor and Aesthetician, Thea herself ensuring the best possible experience at all times.

 What's on offer 


Yoga classes offered are more asana (physical postures) fitness and wellness based but not advance. 

Being trained in Traditional Bihar (Hatha) Yoga in 2006 & 2007, Thea also loves to incorporate vinyasa (flow yoga) as well as a little bit of ashtanga yoga (power yoga) poses into her classes.

A typical one hour class will consist out of breathing techniques (pranayama), physical poses (asanas) and meditation, in a welcoming, humorous and light hearted class atmosphere.

When an inquiry is made for an "In Person Class" a "Welcoming Letter" with all the relevant information regarding one's First Free Class will be given, then thereafter and with successful incorporation you will receive a detailed "Yoga Class Information Document" and invoice.  

Beginners and regular yoga clients are all welcome and practises in the same class. 

Come and experience the numerous health benefits yoga has to offer.

For more info, class times and pricing click "In Person Yoga" link below.



The Only Spa Treatments on offer is a Therapeutic Facial and Aromatherapy Massages, that aligns with our ethos of keeping it pure and simple.

The name of our Skin Creamery Therapy Facial says it all where the focus of the treatment is solemnly on being therapeutic, nourishing and deeply relaxing. 

Our Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massages uses only the very best locally and organically grown aromatherapy oils, to ensure that the best possible results are achieved whether it may be, to feel Calm and Relax, Uplifted or to Ease Muscular Tension.  

All of our treatments have a holistic and natural approach that places personal and environmental well-being at the centre of it and thus not on the conventional “beauty” results.

For more info on treatments on offer and pricing kindly follow the link below. 


Get In Touch


Thea Opperman

WhatsApp +27847406409

227 Plain Ave, Queenswood, Pretoria 0186

Business Hours:

Bookings Essential

Visitation by Appointment Only

Mon 09:00-18:00

Tues & Thurs: 09:00 - 16:00

Wed & Fri: 11:00 - 18:00

Sat: 09:00 - 13:00

Sun & Public Holidays: Closed

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