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    The Sample Kit is the most affordable way to try the sought-after Skin Creamery range. Figure out exactly what works for your skin and test the collection before you buy full-size.

    The Sample Kit includes:

    1x 10ml Oil-Milk Cleanser in Glass Vial

    1x 10ml Wildflower Water-Cream in Aluminium Tin

    1x 10ml Everyday Cream in Aluminium Tin

    1x 10ml Deep Cleansing Powder in Aluminium Tin

    1x 10ml Powder to Foam Cleanser in Aluminium Tin

    1x 5ml Balm in Aluminium Tin

    1x 5ml Skin Tonic in Glass Vial

    1x 5ml Facial Hydrating Oil in Glass Vial


    Our  Oil-Milk Cleanser gently nourishes as it lifts make-up and impurities. When warm water is added, the oils emulsify into a creamy milk which dissolves impurities.

    Our Wildflower Water-Cream is a hydrating, multipurpose beauty elixir, using indigenous botanicals to refine and smooth the skin’s surface, leaving a refreshed, youthful glow.

    The Everyday Creama rich, hydrating all-purpose moisturiser, formulated with natural and organic ingredients that leave skin supple and naturally glowing.

    Our Deep Cleansing Powder is a powerhouse of all-natural herbs and minerals that cleanse and purify from deep within pores without drying the skin. 

    The Powder to Foam Cleanser transforms into a luxurious foam to remove dirt, oil, and make-up. Salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores to dissolve impurities and promote gentle exfoliation.

    Our calming botanical balm concentrate provides instant relief for dry, sensitive skin.

    The Skin Tonic is a 2-in-1 toner and hydrator powered by Malachite. Ideal after cleansing, it gently tones and balances skin PH, with an omega-rich oil layer providing nourishment and hydration.

    The Facial Hydrating Oil is an omega elixir for dewy radiant skin that locks in moisture, nourishes and protects the skin.

    • Try before you buy: Allows customers to try our range of products before committing to purchasing full-sized versions, helping them to determine which products work best for their skin type.
    • Convenience for travelling: Convenient and compact way to travel with your skincare products.
    • Cost-effective: Provide a cost-effective way to try our range of products.
    • Great as a gift: Make for a great gift option, allowing the recipient to try out our range of products and discover new favourites without committing to full-sized products.
    • Certified organic ingredients
    • 100% natural fragrance
    • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
      R399,00 Regular Price
      R359,10Sale Price
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