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Aromatherapy & Me

Updated: Feb 1

What is Aromatherapy exactly?...,

Where does it come from?...,

How does one use it?...,

And why does everyone rave about it?

Well then my dearest, you have come to the right place.

I will take you step by step through the wholeness of what Aromatherapy is, since one may say, that I am quite the expert in it, as well as a self confessed Essential Oil addict.

Just to put your mind at ease as to whether I know what I am talking about or not...,

It all started when I was in Grade 11 advancing to Grade 12, when exam stress was high and studying full time was even a bigger priority; that I got introduced to my very first Essential Oil "Basil" which according to the experts was great for stress relieve and made one alert at the same time, thus perfect for year end exam jitters..., but a lovely as it was to discover this "wonder drug" I knew absolutely nothing of Essential Oils or Aromatherapy then, and used it lavishly in my bath water (as there was no indication anywhere that you needed to dilute the oil first before using it on your skin, and yes, that counts for bath water as well- (who knew water and oils doesn't mix hehe...).

That had led up to a relaxed matriculant with a sharp mind and severe skin sensitivity (a fancy description for having a rash on her thighs and back side).

But that didn't keep me from using Essential Oils ever again, o no...,

On the contrary it made me even more intrigued and wanted to know everything there is about Aromatherapy as mentioned in my previous Blog I was a hippy at heart practically form birth.

That is not to say Aromatharpy is only for Hippies and Radicals haha...

Off to studying Aromatherapy full time; among other holistic health and skincare modalities between the years of 2002 and 2004.

(Now, I know one should dilute essential oils with a carrier oil hehe... "skin rashes" be gone foreverrr).

Between the years of 2006 till 2012, I was an Aromatherapy Lecturer at a Tertiary Private College, which really, broaden, imprinted and solidified my General, Medical and Aesthetic Aromatherapy knowledge to the max whilst of course Practising Aromatherapy part-time.

Then as many of you already may know (again from my previous blog post ;-), it is was around about then 2012 that I opened up 'Greenspayoga' full-time, and along came my love and passion for Aromatherapy.

Still up to today I perform Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massages as well as sell Organic Aromatherapy Products for anyone with a need of a bit of holistic healing.

So..., well then, hope this gave you a bit of a confidence boost to place all you holistic health matters and all of your Aromatherapy questions and queries in the very competent hands of myself Thea Opperman :-)

For more info regarding Aromatherapy Massage Treatments and Organic Aromatherapy Products that is on offer at Greenspayoga please search/click 'services' and/or the 'shop' section of Or just click on the link below and voila it will take you right there, where the Aromatherapy magic happens.

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