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Skin Creamery Explained

Updated: Apr 11

I'm so excited and what a pleasure to share my knowledge & personal experience of 'Skin Creamery' products with you all.

I've been a devotee 'Skin Creamer' since June 2018, And the reason for this Whole Blog Post is to make 'Skin Creamery' products much more understandable and hopefully more user friendly for everyone ;-)

By summarising the Products as follows:

-For Face (with subdivisions like Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise, Exfoliate/Mask and Treatment)

-For Body

-Cosmetics (aka Make-Up)

-and Other

I encourage you all to 'play' around with this product and have as much fun with it as possible. Especially with a "Full Facial" or "#SelfCareSunday Spa Days with all the products.

But please note, even though the products are super safe and all organic, allergic reactions may occur. If that is the case stop using the product immediately, rinse thorough with a bland cleanser and consult a GP or Dermatologist if symptoms persist.

As myself and Skin Creamery doesn't take any responsibility for any harm or allergic reactions by using this product.

Then, Also see the star references as indicated blow (and with colour) to make this blog post/summary even more fun and clearer to use.

* "Dry Skin" can also refer to: Mature, Ageing and or Dehydrated Skins.

** "Oily Skin" can also refer to: Combination, Acne Prone, Breakouts and/or teenage skins.

*** Thea's Personal Favourite's and Daily Go-To Products.

Now, with no further ado..., Drumroll please! Let the Reading commence,

For Face:


Oil Milk Facial Cleanser

Oil to Milk Facial Cleanser & Make-up Remover ***

Main Ingredients:

  • Sesame Oil: Is an anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial. Repairs damaged skin cells. Moisturises & strengthens tissue.

  • Baobab: high in vitamin C. Anti-ageing properties. Assists in collagen & elastin production.

  • Melon Seed: incredible reconstructing & regenerating properties. Contains phytosterols which maintain the skin barrier.

How to Use It:

Massage gently, one pump of product over the face and especially the eye area for when wearing make-up. Then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

(Refill sachets also available).

Dry Skin*: Yes. Twice a Day. Oily Skin**: Make-Up Remover.


Powder to Foam Cleanser

Powder to Foam Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

Main Ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid: exfoliates & softens contents of clogged pores. Removes excess oil & has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Baobab: high in vitamin C. Anti-ageing properties. Assists in collagen & elastin production.

  • Aloe Vera: known for its soothing & healing properties.

How to Use It:

Shake a small amount in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water, and massage between palms until it foams. Massage over the facial area, but avoid the eye area. Rinse and pat dry.

Dry Skin*: For Break-outs. Oily Skin**: Yes, Twice a Day.



Skin Tonic Hydrating Toner

Skin Tonic

Main Ingredients:

  • Baobab: high in vitamin C. Anti-ageing properties. Assists in collagen & elastin production.

  • Malachite: mineral-rich crystal with powerful anti-oxidants. Detoxify the skin. Assists with skin cell regenerations.

  • Rose: Balances skin's pH. Tones pores after cleansing.

How to Use It:

Shake well. Apply 3-5 pumps on a cotton pad. Apply over the facial area.

Dry Skin*: Yes. Twice a Day. Oily Skin**: Yes. Once in the Evenings.



The Everyday Cream for Face and Body

Everyday Cream

Main Ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil: has anti-ageing properties.

  • Jojoba: is a natural anti-microbial.

  • Baobab: high in vitamin C. Anti-ageing properties. Assists in collagen & elastin production.

How to Use It:

Scoop a small amount of product and massage over facial area until absorbed.

(Refill sachets also available).

Dry Skin*: Yes. Twice a Day. Oily Skin**: Use as Body Moisturiser.


Wildflower Water-Cream

Wildflower Water-Cream ***

Main Ingredients:

  • Acmella Flower: acts directly on collagen & elastin fibres to help tighten & firm.

  • Aloe Leaf: known for its soothing & healing properties.

  • Chlorophyll: is an anti-microbial and rich anti-oxidant that supports well-ageing.

How to Use It:

Massage 1-2 pumps of product over the facial area until absorbed.

Dry Skin*: Twice a Day under Everyday Cream. Oily Skin**: Yes, Twice a Day.


Exfoliator & Mask:

Deep Cleansing Powder-Exfoliator & Mask

Exfoliator & Mask

Main Ingredients:

  • Calcium Bentonite: mineral rich clay that absorbs excess oil.

  • Baobab: high in vitamin C. Anti-ageing properties. Assists in collagen & elastin production. Baobab fibres gently exfoliates thus encouraging skin renewal.

  • Buchu: anti-bacterial. Helps to prevent blackheads and clogged pores.

  • NB! No Plastic Micro-Beads.

How to Use It:

Pour small amount in palm of hand, sprinkle a few drops of water and rub together until paste consistency. Massage all over facial area, Then leave on for 10-15min.

Dry Skin*: Use 2-3 times a week. Oily Skin**: Use 3 times a week.


Treatment Care:

Facial Hydrating Oil

Facial Hydrating Oil

Main Ingredients:

  • Jojoba: clears out follicles. Anti-inflammatory. Maintains skin barrier.

  • Kalahari Melon Seed Oil: provides moisture & locks in hydration. Contains phytosterols that maintain the skin barrier. Rich in antioxidants.

  • Baobab: gently heals & hydrates. Contains anti-oxidants & fatty acids.

  • NB! Non-Comedogenic. Won't block pores.

How to Use It:

Massage 1-2 Pumps of oil over the facial & neck

area. With a facial applicator like a jade-stone roller or gun-sha or with fingertips and hands.

Dry Skin*: Evenings, under Moisturisers, Oily Skin**: 2 times a week when

or 2-3 times a week when performing performing full facail.

a full facial.


The Balm

The Balm ***

Main Ingredients:

  • Baobab: is a one-ingredient powerhouse. Excellent moisturiser. Improves skin elasticity. Rich in Vitamin. A, D, E & F.

  • Helichrysum: the everlasting/immortal flower. Rejuvenating & Restorative properties. Reduces appearances of blemishes & wrinkles. Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial.

  • Blue Spirulina: nutrias ingredient. Contains amino acids & omega fatty acids, Vit. B & Iron. High in plant protein which assists in cell repair & growth. High in antioxidants. Reduces skin inflammation.

How to Use It:

Scoop a little bit of product out with the back of your nail or spoon. Rub & warm the product between fingers/hands until "liquid" forms and apply/massage in, on designated facial/skin area.

Dry Skin*: "Extra care needed" Oily Skin**: Use on blemishes.

facial area like around the eye Or as lip, cuticle & heel balm.

area. Or use as lip, cuticle &

heel balm.



Tinted and Non-tinted SPF

Tinted and Non-Tinted SPF

Main Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: a natural substance found in the body. This ingredient has the ability to hold a 1000 times more weight in water.

  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant and keeps the skin soft & supple.

  • Squalene: found natural in human skin. Excellent moisturiser & has anti-ageing properties.

  • Tinted & Non-Tinted SPF: has a broad spectrum 25+ sun protection. Is lightweight and the tinted SPF's are light in coverage. Non-greasy & nourishing to the skin.

How to Use It:

For optimal protection, cleanse your skin and apply a coin-sized amount of Non-tinted Or Tinted SPF to your face and neck as moisturiser or add on top of favourite moisturiser. Blend evenly. Repeat daily to maintain healthy, protected skin.

Non-Tinted has no pigment in it, ideal for general sunscreen use.

The Tinted SPF's comes in "Light", "Medium" & "Dark". Use one closest to skin tone as a light foundation & sunscreens.

Dry Skin*: Apply over favorite moisturiser. Oily Skin**: Apply as a moisturiser


For Body:

Sand Scrub Hydrating Body Exfoliator

Sand Scrub Hydrating Body Exfoliator

Main Ingredients:

  • Cinnamon: stimulates cell regeneration & blood circulation. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.

  • Baobab: has regenerating abilities. Softens & heals the skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids, Vir. A, B & C and magnesium, potassium & calcium.

  • Silica: is the exfoliating agent. Safe to use on the human body as well as for the environment.

How to Use It:

After normal showering, switch the water off, and apply the desired amount to clean, damp skin in a circular motion, taking care not to get water in the jar. Rinse with warm water after scrubbing. Avoid use on delicate skin areas and face.

Body's Skin: Can be used daily or 3-4 times a week.


Shower Oil Body Moisturiser

Shower Oil Body Moisturiser ***

Main Ingredients:

  • Baobab: is rich in omega fatty acids, which makes it ideal for dry, ageing, and dull skin.

  • Baobab: is rich in omega fatty acids, which makes it ideal for dry, ageing and dull skin. fungal. Also effective in treating muscular pain, cramps & spasms. Improves blood & lymphatic circulation. it soothes & relieves stress.

  • Basil: is rich in anti-oxidants & nutrients. Also anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory. Has soothing properties on the nervous system.

How to Use It:

After Showering or bathing, massage all over your body to leave your skin sumptuously soft.

This product can also be used as Bath Oil.

*This is not a body wash and it does not contain soap.

Body's Skin: Can be used daily.


Skin Scent Natural Fragrance

Skin Scent Natural Fragrance

Main Ingredients:

  • Vetiver

  • Coriander

  • Rose Geranium

How to Use It:

Use it like any other perfume. Apply to wrists and neck, but avoid direct sunlight or UV exposure when applied on skin, to prevent photo-pigmentation.

Body's Skin: Can be used daily.



The Sample Kit

The Sample Kit

The Sample Kit includes:

  • 1x 10ml Oil-Milk Cleanser in Glass Vial

  • 1x 10ml Wildflower Water-Cream in Aluminium Tin

  • 1x 10ml Everyday Cream in Aluminium Tin

  • 1x 10ml Deep Cleansing Powder in Aluminium Tin

  • 1x 10ml Powder to Foam Cleanser in Aluminium Tin

  • 1x 5ml Balm in Aluminium Tin

  • 1x 5ml Skin Tonic in Glass Vial

  • 1x 5ml Facial Hydrating Oil in Glass Vial

How to Use It:

Try before you buy: Allows customers to try the full range of products before committing to purchasing full-sized versions.

Convenience for traveling.

It makes a great gift.

Skin Type:

Click on the products above for the full product list.


Natural Wax Candle

Natural Wax Candle #1

Main Ingredients:

  • Soy

  • Coconut Butter

  • Rosewood, Grapefruit, Rose Geranium, Neroli, Lime, Vetiver, and Patchouli essential oils.

How to Use It:

This is not a massage candle, for home fragrance use only. Light Candle and let the soothing fragrance fill the air. Do not leave your burning candle unattended.


And that's a wrap (for now in any case ;-)

But Before you go...

Please, Click on the Blue Button below (that says 'click me'), which will direct you to 'Greenspayoga's' online shop.

Where one can order & purchases any of the 'Skin Creamery products' mentioned in this Blog Post AND/OR purchase a 'Skin Creamery Therapy Facial Gift Voucher' OR even book a 'Skin Creamery Therapy Facial Treatment' for yourself or for that someone special.

Well then until we meet again, either in 'Greenspayoga's' Therapy Room or in the next Blog Post...,

Keep-on Glowing!



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