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"Skin Creamery" Love!

This is a blog all about me, hahaha, as per usual..., no seriously why I chose this product range for myself and my business, which I actually take very seriously, it is not just any product that waltz into my studio and ends up on my shelf.

Well then, should we start?

Let's start with "Skin Creamery’s” natural birthplace...

Skin Creamery is a Locally made in Cape Town, All Organic, Simple (for a Reason) made Skin Care Range, right here in South Africa.

I, as many of you already know absolutely LOVE this Products Range but for some (especially) when you are new to it, it may seem perhaps a little strange or would perhaps be too simplified to some taste.

But that is one of the main reasons why I love it sooo much (okay I will try and tone it down with the "love it" part)

We are so used to skincare ranges that have an abundance of choices, seemingly meeting every little need of our skins, from wrinkles, pimples, serums, masks for night, masks for day, hydrate this, hydrate that, and so I can go on and on but I am sure you get the picture, and not too mention by the end of the day our budgets are low but our cosmetic cupboards are full bottles, droppers, jars, tubes and so, so much more...,

And may I be brutally honest here, did your skin "drastically" change? Sure the lines may perhaps be softer, but not gone; the pimples may be gone just to have reappearing blackheads, dry skin no problem a good moisturiser will sort that out...,

Don't get me wrong I'm a very firm believer that a good skin care regime and product will keep you happy but; and this is a very big but for me, I don't believe an R1500 plus moisturiser will "remove" a mature skin's sag and wrinkles completely, that needs a little bit more of a conventional intervention, like botox, fillers, chemical peels, etc.

I personally feel that the cosmetic products market has become completely overpriced, complicated, and oversold..., just in general and overall too much.

This is where Skin Creamery comes into play, they have all the basic products that will meet any skin needs but for you to choose, which & how often, and even when to apply (yes seasons do play a role on our skins and I don't just mean female seasons that's an obvi.)

Instead of using/buying the whole enchilada range for your 'skin type' you can use/buy only according to your specific needs, and still know that it is all organic and basically all healing plant goodness that you are applying,

without scratching your head, which of the 304 different products do you need to buy?

It is a simple, (yet powerful) skincare range that has cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliators, and masks.

PLEASE READ: My blog 'Explaining Skin Creamery' products. To see and understand what the whole range consists of, what ingredients are good for you, and when or how to use it ;-)   

Should we continue?..., Let’s...,

Another point worth mentioning here is...: "imports!!!" a majority of the skin care products available on our shelves are from overseas, you know what that means? "Import Taxes" thus making the product more costly as what it actually is, aaand job creation for another country, what? wait?

Why would I pay more for a product than I have to and why not help out my fellow countrymen, as I am also living in South Africa and just want to make ends meet?

Exactly that is what I say, anywho..., where was I,

O, Yes another thing that I love and is a complete must for me and my business ethos is that the product should be as natural or organic as possible with no jacky added chemicals in it, basically an all "herbal-healing" product.

Did you know (I'm sure you did) that South Africa has an abundance of healing flora, like Buchu and Boabab and "Fynbos" and, and and..., thus there is absolutely no need to important anything we have all we need right here in our beloved country.

Did I mention that all the packaging is recyclable? Come on people this is 2023 if your cosmetic product packaging is not recyclable, then you have obviously not seen the viral YouTube video of the plastic straw that had been removed from the poor sea turtle's nose...

That brings me to probably the MOST IMPORTANT factor for me and I am sure for a lot of you, (and of course my business) that the products that I or my business use should have a 100%, absolutely No Animal Testing and No Animal By-Product in it either.

You'll be amazed, no shocked ( I know I was) how many well-known products, even those who mentioned that they are "natural" are responsible for deforestation, animal abuse and the slather of our sea mammals...

Okay sjoe, that went dark, my bad, but- I am not here to name or shame (you can google that yourself) I am here to let you know why I love Skin Creamery and why you should too ;-)

Please visit their website for more info


Please Read my follow-up blog about every individual product (I promise to try and keep it short)

0r, wait there is more (not to sound too cheesy or too obvious haha), but if you follow the link below to my shop you'll receive a 10% discount on all Skin Creamery products (Exclusive to Greenspayoga's Online Shop).

You can even book a Skin Creamery Facial or Gift Voucher. I am the only (ahem I mean the best)  Skin Creamery Facialist in Pretoria after all.

Well then, until next time.

Take care and Namaste


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